Blades of Chaos

Krato’s Blades of Chaos were a pair of blades made by Ares, the Gods of war. Ares had the blades made for a servant to prove worthy of his service .These blades were the first pair of chained blades that Kratos used in the God of war series.


blades of choas

The Blades of Chaos were fashioned in the depths of underworld by Ares himself. These blades had the ability to stretch out a set distance with each attack, this allowed fluid-like movement in spite of the person bearing the blades. Since the blades were imbued with fire, the chains and blades ignited with every attack the user performed. In spite of the advantages the blades offered to the person bearing them, there was a catch. The chains of the blades were imbedded permanently on the forearms of the wielder. These served as a reminder of their loyalty to Ares. The only way a person could be freed of the blades was if the bearer’s time of servitude ended or Ares removed them.

harpy blades

acensionWhen Kratos pledged loyalty to the God of war, the blades were fetched by Ares’s harpies and bestowed on the Spartan. After Ares annihilated the Barbarian forces, Kratos used the blades to get his sweet revenge on Alik, the Barbarian King. Throughout his service to Ares, Kratos seemed oblivious to everything else and often engaged in questionable activities and extreme brutality. At the height of his service to Ares, Kratos was so driven by his loyalty to the gods that he even used the blades against his own family unknowingly when Ares set him on a god-driven rage.

After Ares mislead Kratos into murdering own family in the temple of Athena, he was so angry that he sought to kill the God of war. In retaliation, Ares had the Blades stripped from him when Kratos tried to defend his family against Ares tactics. Once the blades were taken, Ares manipulated the blades to attack Kratos family and he was forced to watch helplessly in horror as they were murdered. When Ares finally fell from power, Krato’s Blades of Chaos were never seen again. Later Kratos was given the Blades of Athena by his patron and became the God of War.


blades in acension

The Blades are a pair of very large dagger like weapons. The pommel of the the weapon is equipped with a chain that wraps around the users forearms. As stated above when the user uses the blades to strike down enemies with every attack the chains would sear themselves into the users forearms.


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The blades ignite with flames upon use. The chains also allow for the user to engage in distance combat with grappling capabilities. Notable abilities are the Plume of Prometheus, Hades’ Reverse, Rage of the Gods, and Might of Hercules.


kratos blades

Basically Kratos was once a captain in the Spartan army with fifty soldiers, however the number of soldiers under him rose rapidly to thousands. Krato’s tactics were merciless but effective; as a result he was feared by everyone, except his wife. Due to his leadership, the soldiers in his command fought bravely and won most of the battles. This winning streak continued until his army faced the Barbarians; here Kratos tasted the bitter pill of defeat as his lay before the enemy king in defeat. Before he could be executed Kratos pledged his loyalty to Ares, the God of War. In return he was granted power to defeat his enemies. At that very moment, Kratos became a servant of Ares, As a reward he received the Blades which were seared into his arms and became an extension of Kratos


blades ares

These blades were used to defeat quite the magnitude of lesser enemies but most notably these were the blades Kratos had equipped in his final battle with Ares.


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