Cloud’s Buster Sword


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Cloud and Buster Sword

The history of the sword is truly revealed in the prequel series Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core the original owner of the blade is in fact Angeal Hewley a tall muscular man from the same group Cloud was from called SOLDIER. Angeal’s father forged the blade for his son it cost the family a large sum of money and Angeal’s father did his best to pay back the large sum of money borrowed but eventually fell ill and died. Angeal kept and cherished the blade in his father’s memory  he avoids using the blade alot to avoid it being damage and uses his standard issue SOLDIER sword instead.



Cloud Character Art

A broad and a quite handsome sword, Cloud’s Buster Sword from Final Fantasy 7, is not only fierce but it’s unique presence beckons attention. From the very tip, straight down to the handle, the sword’s height stretches out into the ballpark of around 5-6 feet long and it’s enormous blade is single-edged, with the width is hitting at 1 ft wide. Out of the entire vast arsenal which Cloud bestows, the Buster Sword is considered the very finest of the pedigree.

ff7 cover

Final Fantasy 7 Cover

The look of the sword can range in different lighting throughout the various depictions, but on the original cover of Final Fantasy 7, the blade is showing a lighter color at the very edge of the blade, while the the rest of the blade is displaying the tint of dark grey. The handguard looks to be bound and riveted directly into place. In the vicinity handguard sports two separate holes which have been considered to be Materia slots or they may very well be the spot where the sword is clipped on the back of cloud.

The appearances of the sword makes it’s presence mostly known in the spin-offs. In the finely crafted series “Kingdom Hearts”, Cloud uses a Buster sword which is wrapped completely in bandages.

Wrapped in Bandages

Wrapped in Bandages

Throughout every off shoot of the Final Fantasy 7 series, especially “Crisis Core” and “Advent Children” the Buster Sword has been given a design which had been given a considerable amount of detail as opposed the previous versions. The hand guard this time around contains swirls on it and the base color is gold. The area in the blade which contains the two holes have been elevated ever-so slightly and it also had been separated from the rest of the blade and also there were some etchings which had been engraved and applicated on the blade, close to the hand guard.


Zack owner of the sword before Cloud


The honorable Cloud is the central character of the series as well as the spin-off series. He is an excellent swordsman who is considered highly full of himself and he has always remained the title of Soldier, he has lended the organization his services for several years. The other members of the team had thought Cloud the true and honest meaning of what it is to be a warrior. He understands deep in his heart that the virtues and existence posed in the life of a hero far out reaches the fortune and fame which come along with the duty.

The film depicts Cloud as being an ex-soldier and a mercenary-for-hire within the 1st class, as well as the Cloud Strife Sword. As a result to the overwhelming feeling of guilt which he was persistently consumed by, Cloud had decided to retire from battle and decided it would be best to live with his good friend Tifa. He currently works as a delivery boy for Strife Delivery Service. Later on, Tifa has urged Cloud to head to the city so that he can find a cure to eliminate the disease for which he suffers but soon he takes the advice and heads to the city where he is ultimately attacked by a trio.


The sword was utilized in every single battle in which Cloud had participated and it had cut-down many of the evil bosses, such as Sephiroth. The legend of Cloud’s Buster Sword from Final Fantasy 7 still remains and it is loved by the legion of fans throughout the world.



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