Falchion Fire Emblem

The Fire Emblem game series has been very noteworthy for years thanks in part to its extensive lore. One such part of this lore to explore is the Falchion sword that Chrom uses throughout the series. It has been used in many games to take care of some of the more difficult creatures found throughout the world of this thrilling game.


Chrom wielding Falchion

Chrom wielding Falchion

The foundation of Chrom’s Falchion from Fire Emblem first appeared in the Shadow Dragon and Blade of Light game in 1990. It was forged out of a Naga’s fang and was originally used by Anri to defeat Medeus. Alm and Marth both used the sword in the past but it first became heavily associated with Chrom in Awakening.


The seal that kept the powers of the Falchion inside was released by Naga in Awakening. This turned the sword into the Exalted Falchion, a stronger weapon that would be used as Chrom’s personal weapon.


Since then, it has been found that only those who have descended from the Ylissean family has hold the Falchion. Also, the spirits in the blade will be responsible for determining if one is worthy enough to handle it.






This is a two-handed longsword and is not curved in spite of the name. The guard features a tear-shaped hole while the grip has a red-brown tone. Chrom’s Falchion does not have a gem at the guard like what Marth had. A golden strip can be found running down the middle of the blade.




One special ability of this sword is that the blade is extremely sharp and will not dull over time. It is incapable of developing rust Chromas well. Those who are not worthy of handling it will find that the blade will become extremely dull for them.


The Falchion is known to be especially effective against dragon units. It has a hit percentage of 80%, thus meaning that the odds of the weapon missing its target as it is being used are minimal.


The Might of the weapon, which is a measurement of how strong the weapon is, listed at 5. The Parallel Falchion, an alternate form of the sword that was used by Lucina in Awakening, has a Might of 12. That statistic goes all the way up to 15 in its Exalted form and will even have a Critical ranking of 10%. This means that the Exalted form of the sword has a potential to cause heavy damage to an opponent if used properly. The Parallel and Exalted forms can also help the user recover 20 hit points.




Chrom and Marth are the only two players in the Fire Emblem series who are capable of holding the Falchion. Lucina may also be found to use some of alternate forms of the Falchion as they come about.






Many forms of Chrom’s Falchion have been used throughout the history of the Fire Emblem series. It was used by Marth in Shadow Dragon and Blade of Light to defeat Gharnef and eventually Medeus. It was also used in Fire Emblem Gaiden by Alm to defeat Duma and imprison Mila with a series of incantations added to the sword.


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