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Quickly already in the realm of cult classics, The Game of Thrones has captivated audiences the world over with its own brand of mystique and originality. What started out as a roll of the dice, HBO has forged one of the greatest television series in many years and the shows longevity as of now, looks infinite.

One of the elements which make this masterpiece of a show what it is has to be in the personalities and the human prowess that is given to the characters. Along with superb acting and a compelling storyline, the characters are what really breathes new life into each new show each time it airs. Lets get to know some of the key figures which make up this stellar world of adventure, intrigue and of course, bloodshed:

Daenerys Targaryen portrayed by Emilia Clarke

Daenerys Targaryen

Usually called by her nickname Danny, and then sometimes also known as Daenerys Stormborn, Daenerys Targaryen is the courageous and proud daughter of King Aerys II and his loving and loyal wife Rhaella.

The unfortunate and brutal realities of Robert’s Rebellion, claimed the lives of her parents. Her mother had passed away due to the complications of giving birth to her. What followed was a reduction of the Targaryen dynasty, leaving the family name to only her brother and herself.

Jon Snow portrayed by Kit Harington

Jon Snow

The suspected bastard child of the central protagonist of the story, Eddard Stark and a woman only known by the name of Wylla.

Jon finds himself in an age with Robb. He was brought by Eddard to the grounds of Winterfell, following the dramatic conclusion of the Battle of the Tower of Joy, which the only survivors happen to be Ned and Howland Reeve. Ned then makes it his duty to care for Jon, even in the face of his wife’s reservations. It made sense because he was by the boys side for much of his life, with the Starks family. He shows his Starks coloring, with his lean build, grey eyes and long face. He wields the mighty sword called Longclaw

Robert Baratheon portrayed by Mark Addy


For 15 years, in the very beginning, Robert Baratheon found himself King of Westeros. Even though currently he sports the image of an older, bearded fat man, in his youth he was the emulation of a true warrior with an honorable virtue. He loved the sport of hunting, he loved the ladies and he had a vast taste for the drink.

In the foster home of the Eyrie, along with Eddard Stark, he was fostered. The two had soon grown a deep friendship and they had also spawned a keen friendship with the father Lord, Jon Arryn. Later on in the story, he had been betrothed by Lyanna Stark, Ned’s sister, which also was the woman he had adored from afar.

Eddard Stark portrayed by Sean Bean

Eddard Stark

Informally called Ned, Eddard Stark is the Lord of Winterfell and the fearless Warden of the North.

With his wife, Catelyn Tully Stark, the couple have 5 children. He also claims the noble man Jon Arryn, as a bastard child. He has a piercing virtue of justice and honor, and their is nothing that he can’t stand more than deceit, secrecy and intrigue. Even though his family sees him as a kind man, some of them see his ways as being cold and far too reserved. Ned is also proud to claim himself as a man who is still devoted to the old gods.The gods of First Man, they are claimed to be the gods of the original inhabitants of Westeros, the children of the forest.

The Synopsis of: The Game of Thrones


The mythical land of Westeros, is being fought for by seven proud, noble families. There at the same time, happens to be sexual and political intrigue around every corner. The Stark, Lannister, and Baratheon families are the central families of the vast group. King of Westeros and Robert Baratheon, persuade Eddard Stark to serve as chief advisor. Suspecting that his loyal predecessor has been murdered, he then accepts the job so he can make further inquiries into the death.


It seems, in a twist of fate that two or more of his relatives are vying for the throne.The Lannisters, the Queen’s family, have been developing a plot to take full control of the thrown. The last surviving members of the family to rule prior to them, was the Targaryens, and they plan on making it a point of assuming full control. Daenerys TargaryenThe conflict brews between all the families and at the same time there is an ancient evil force awakening in the north. In the midst of all this war and political chaos, the Night’s Watch and the brotherhood of misfits.There isn’t a whole lot that stands between the honorable and the wretched. This is The Game of Thrones.

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