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An insight on how the sword came to be. The goddess who created this sword, Hylia, created it so that she could have the control to choose who would destroy Demise if he ever rose from the dead. The goddess made sure that only a true hero capable of slaying Demise back to his death could carry the sword by keeping the sword hidden in a place only the chosen hero of her choice could locate it. It was passed through three types of flames which were considered sacred to make it indestructible.

hyruleThe Link’s Master Sword was not only created with from steel but also with some magic powers that made it possible for the user of the sword to destroy and chase away those who brought evil and harm to the society. It is because of this magic power that the sword possesses that it is considered an indestructible sword. The carrier of the sword through the magic power of the sword is considered to have the powers to dispel barriers that might have been caused by other magic power sources.


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This is a double-edged 36.5 inch sword which usually comes hand in hand with the 21.5 by 18 inch shield. The sword traces its origin to the Legend of Zelda where it is believed that the sword was designed by a goddess and it sword and shieldwas original known as the Goddess Sword. Currently, it is called the Master Sword or the Blade of Evil’s Bane. The blade is of a bluish color and the handle protector has a purple covering which makes the sword glow especially in the dark. The sword was designed to be used by heroes who were considered to be pure in their hearts. All the other people or warriors who were not purer could even have the opportunity to touch the sword as it was believed that the sword was the one which chose who carried it and not the other way around.


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Being the chosen carrier of the sword, Link must undergo some tests to actually prove and prepare him for the hero of time title. The tests will include Link collecting three spiritual stones from where he is expected to acquire the Ocarina of Time for him to have access to the Temple of Time where the sword is kept till its rightful user gets it. Link is expected to use the sword to slay the king of evil and after killing him return it to its rightful place to wait for another hero of time of another generation.


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It is believed that after the goddess created the sword, she put it to rest in the Skyloft an island which floated above the clouds. After Demise had died the goddess made a spirit reside in the sword and this spirit was what was responsible for choosing the true hero who would possess the qualities to carry the sword and defeat all the in castle



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