Power Rangers Top 11 Swords

Ok let's be honest when we were young we all at some point wanted to be a Ranger. As I was definitely was no exception.

Ranger weapons and in this case swords have always been a huge part of the series with a lot of the megazords and even Rangers themselves usually ending a fight with the signature ¾ shot with their sword followed by the monster explosion in the background.

Don't act like every episode didn't end like this haha

For today's list we break down what I feel are some of the most badass swords from the franchise. Since this list is going to be comprised of what I personally feel are the best and more memorable don't be surprised if a lot of the sabers from the older series show up on the list.

Here are some metrics of how I rank each sword.

  • Look and Design​
  • Special Abilities
  • Importance to the series
  • The respective swordsman

Swords omitted from the list

  • Megazord Swords
  • Battlizers/Battle Armors

I've also included links as to where to find these sword replicas if your a cosplayer or just for collector purposes.

Without any further a due let's begin.

​#11 Ecliptor’s Sword: Power RANGERS IN SPACE 


We start this list off with one of the best baddies from the series, and second in command to Astronema Ecliptor.

This sword is blacked out and has green lines similar to his body structure. Like any other bad guy from the series, his sword can emit blasts to fire at enemies.

When Ecliptor and his rival Darkonda combine to form Darkliptor the sword actually changes appearance.

Ecliptor’s sword was actually used again in Wild Force.

Wielded by one of the “Mut-Orgs”, those overpowered half org have mutant villains that triggered the cross gen team up in Wild Force.

#10 Ptera Thunder Saber: Power Rangers Dino Charge

ptera thunder saber dino charge

Moving into some of the new era we have the Ptera Thunder Saber used by the Gold Cybersaur Ranger from Power Rangers Dino Charge.

The sword has a blue and silver and gold highlights. Using this weapon requires the Gold Ranger to insert Cybersaur Cells allowing the ranger to use a range of electrified techniques.

This sword gifts the individual with the power to channel lightning turning the Gold Ranger into Saban’s version of “Thor”.

#9 Turbo Lightning Sword: Power rangers turbo

red turbo lightning sword

It's time to shift into Turbo! Continuing with the electric theme we have the Turbo Lightning Sword from none other than the Turbo Ranger series.

The turbo series did fall flat compared to some of the future installments but I did enjoy the weapons and who wouldn’t have wanted one of the cars. As for the sword it was wielded by the Red Turbo ranger.

What kept it on this list was I really liked the simple design and the red hand shield. This sword combines with the other rangers equipment to create the Turbo R.A.M. cannon.

#8 Vexacus’ Sword: Power Rangers Ninja Storm

Vexacus from Power Rangers Ninja Storm has arguably one of the best villain designs I’ve ever seen. He is definitely cooler than Zurgane.

This bounty hunter ended up becoming the main general in Lothor’s Army later in the series. His sword was large in appearance with jagged edges and a green gem on the cross guard.

What earns Vexacus’s sword a spot on the list was the fact he was a shark bounty hunter and wielded probably one of the biggest swords from that generation anyone else thinking “Kisame/Samehada?”

7# Zhane's Super Silverizer: Power Rangers in Space

silver ranger super silverizer

“Super Silverizer!!” Damn I used to love saying that as a kid.

This blade is used by none other than Zhane the Silver Ranger from the Power Rangers in Space saga. The Silverizer was a grey colored arm-mounted blaster.

Zhane can activate blade mode transforming the blaster into a sword.

What qualifies this sword to be on the list was how different this sword was in appearance to some of the others in the series and the saying for releasing it: “Super, Silverizer!!!” (try to say that 5 times)

#6 Red Ranger’s Power Sword: Mighty Morphen Power rangers

Jason and the power sword

Ah the Power Sword, any fan of the series couldn’t argue with this choice. While at glance the sword looks basic in appearance.

The metal blade of this weapon as rather thick and, it featured a red crossguard with the symbol of the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord.

The crossguard also had a fiery design on the sides giving the weapon some much needed flare. This saber was arguably the strongest of all the “Power Weapons” as Zordon stated it was the key to all the other rangers weapons. 

The sword’s main technique was the ability to charge up and unleash an overwhelming slash of energy.

5# White Drago Sword: Power Rangers Dino Thunder

white drago ranger

The White Ranger from Dino Thunder was probably half the reason I even sat around to watch this installment of the series, with the other half being the return of Tommy Oliver.

The design team held no punches with the creation of the White Ranger. Boasting one of the best outfits in the franchise, and even taking it a step forward with “Super Dino Mode”.

The blade itself was actually a short sword and white in appearance gold and black highlights.

The best feature of this weapon was the ability to fire the White Ranger’s signature move “Laser Arrows” a technique that pretty much took down the Dino Rangers in every encounter.

#4 White Ranger Saba Sword Mighty Morphen Power Rangers Series

white ranger and saba

Anyone from the series can recognize this sword, Saba was the short sword used by Tommy Oliver the White Ranger from the Mighty Morphin Era.

This sword had range of abilities from flying to even shooting energy beams from its eyes. Saba had the ability to talk as well essentially taking strategic combat to a new level for the duo.

Saba’s true use was the ability to control the White Tiger Zord and was the key to allowing it to transform into the Warrior Mode.

white ranger

After the Tiger Zord was destroyed Saba’s role diminished greatly. What I loved about this sword was it really broke the mold for swords in the series once again it's the first memorable sword that we are really introduced too.

Saba was a weapon that doubled as a side character I really wished the series would bring something like this back.

#3 Zen-Aku Crescent Blade: Power Rangers Wild Force


Zen-Aku is the only reason why Wild Force was even relevant. He literally smacked around the Wild Force Rangers for a few episodes straight.

The spirit of Zen-Aku is manifested within the wolf mask worn by Merrick *cough hollows*.

Zen-Aku’s signature weapon is the Crescent Blade a large double side blade made from black steel. The sword’s signature attack was called "Crescent Blade! Crescent Wave!"

What gives this sword the number 3 spot on the list was literally how much ass it kicked in Wild Force and the unique design and rawness of the sword.

#2 Andros's Spiral Saber Sword: Power Rangers in Space

red ranger spiral saber

Looking back at the list the Space Rangers got a lot of love first we had Ecliptor’s Sword, then the Super Silverizer, and we continue the list with Red Space Rangers’ Spiral Saber.

What makes this sword truly unique was its raw appearance it literally looked like a drill with a handle, it was dubbed the “Drill Saber” in the Japanese version of the series.

The sword could even be paired with the Astro Blaster giving this weapon long range capabilities. What earns this the number 2 spot on the list was it was actually the most reliable weapon Andros possessed. Using it to challenge the likes of Ecliptor and Darkonda multiple times it even deflect a blast from Astronema and reflected it back nearly killing her.

This sword even blocked a direct attack from Lord Zedd himself. Finally with the sword actually marked the end of the Zordon Era, as this was the weapon Andros wielded to kill Zordon himself.

Before we pick our #1 sword here are our honorable mentions support the site by sharing this post!

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Knight Saber Power Rangers Mystic Force

knight sword

Zeo Ranger 5 Sword

zeo ranger 5 sword

Ransik's Sword from time force


Goldars sword


Quantam defender sword mode

quantam defender


#1 Quasar Sabers & Magna Sword: Power Rangers Lost Galaxy

quasar sabers

Quasar Sabers before the rangers first transformation

In a galaxy far away on a planet called Mirinoi these ancient swords rest. Originally used by warriors 3,000 years ago, a group of 5 tenagers with attitude (haha) came by and release these sabers from the stone.

Ok to be honest as a child I was not really a fan of Power Ranger Lost Galaxy the Space series was just too much to live up to, and this was the beginning of an era without Zordon.

But as I went though the series I learned to love the characters and the energy the Lost Galaxy had it truly felt like a saga.​

Quasar Saber Design

These swords all featured a signature golden cross guard, and blade tips and special designs on the steel.

It’s design was simple and effective and the only main difference between each of the ranger’s individual swords was their galacta beast emblem.

What I loved about these swords was how important these swords actually were in the galaxy.

They were the actual source behind the rangers powers and finding these weapons kicked off the series.

lights of orion
Karone and the Pink Quasar Saber after the sword was almost sold on the black market (Lost Galaxy)

Karone and the Pink Quasar Saber after the sword was almost sold on the black market (Lost Galaxy)

Later on when the Pink Ranger passed away her we see her sword was being sold on the black market for an extremely high price.

Adding to the fact that everyone in the galaxy new and feared the power of these sabers. The Quasar Sabers were used consistently by the rangers as their go to weapon.

quasar sabers lights of orion lost galaxy

after the swords are powered up by the lights of orion

Later on in the series we learn that the sabers can power up when the Rangers harness the power of the "Lights of Orion" giving the blades new power and upgraded design.

The Magna Sword

Magna Defender

The Magna Sword wielded by the Magna Defender is very similar in appearance and it wouldn’t really be fair if they didn’t share a spot as both weapons were very similar in design. While the Magna Sword did not have the same notoriety as the Quasar Sabers I will place them in the side by side in the #1 spot out of respect.

So how did you like my top 11 list? If you feel like there are any swords I missed please feel free to list them in the comments below or comment with your own top list.

karone and quasar saber

As Zordon says: “May the power protect you”

“Super, Silverizer!!”


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