Sokka’s Meteor Sword


Sokka and the sword

Sokka and the “space sword”

Sokka’s Meteor Sword came into existence when Sokka was Piandao’s apprentice. Three days into his training, they started forging a sword from the ore of a recently-fallen meteorite. He barely knew how to wield a sword in the beginning. However, he possessed natural talent that enabled him to progress quickly. Later, Piandao staged a fake duel to the death, in which Sokka performed exceptionally, to test his new skills. During their fight, Sokka was able to hold off his master for a long period of time but he was finally defeated. After he left Piandao’s tutelage, Sokka continued to use his sword and it eventually became a prized possession. He later used it in combat and friendly duels. He developed a strong bond with it and gave it the special nickname “space sword”.


Meteor Sword

Meteor Sword

It is a Chinese straight sword with the blade being approximately 70 centimeters long and 4 cm wide. If it truly resembles a real-world Chinese straight sword, then it is light and flexible, weighing at least 1kg. Its black blade originates from the meteoric iron used to create it. It has a simple sheath that is straight and dark brown; with a gold-plated inlay halfway down. True to form, the sheath also has a rectangular tip like its real-world counterpart. The tip is adorned with a white lotus symbol that is made of gold filigree. It is also the best sword for Sokka since it was made for him specifically.
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According to Piandao, Sokka’s meteor sword has some unique properties such as

Sokka making the blade

Sokka making the blade

keenness and durability. Also, it can cut through sturdy materials such as steel with relative ease. These properties can be attributed to the unique material used in making the sword. It appears to be similar to all other Chinese straight swords in terms of its physical properties.





The sword was used mainly by Sokka. He first used it in the first duel with Piandao. Later, he used it to perform mundane tasks such as hauling supplies. He also poked people with it. At some point, Toph used it as collateral without his permission. Sokka became fearful after this incident and guarded it more carefully. He used it in combat during a major battle known as Invasion of the Fire Nation. The sword was also used in a duel with Prince Zuko, which Sokka lost.


In his first fight with this sword, Sokka received praise from his master for showing wonderful resourcefulness and exploiting every advantage. He had made a lot of progress and showed great promise. In the invasion of the fire nation, the sword came in handy in keeping him alive. He conquered the Royal Plaza and gained control of the central tower which separated the city and harbor. The sword also saved his life when they went to halt the airship fleet from razing Earth kingdom. In the end, Sokka chose to sacrifice his sword so as to keep his opponents at bay. The sword fell into the depths of Wulong forest and was never recovered.


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