A type of European blade it has a few traits that characterize it such as the hilt and grip for two handed wielders. These swords also feature a straight double-edge blade. The sword has been used throughout the 13th and 17th centuries.

What really sets the long sword apart is not exactly the longer blade but he grip itself is actually longer for two handed use. The swords were used in the military of the Hundred Year’s War. Sword wielders were armor wearing warriors that traveled on foot or horse back during that period. The bastard sword was a hilt type developed during the earlier portion of the 16th century after the military use of the sword was obsolete. The bastard sword was furthermore made in Spain known as the montante or the espadon.


The design of the blade has changed over time due to the plate armor worn in the period it was used. The blade-cross sections also have many variants the most common are the Diamond and Lenticular.

Zweihander  (German for “two hander”)  is the German variant of the sword used for various reasons such as knight duels

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