The Hobbit



The Hobbit was written by J.R.R. Tolkien in 1937 with a second edition being published in 1951. The book has become a popular read in the fantasy world and is amazingly influential and has even been made into its own big series of movies.




Bilbo Baggins is a hobbit who often struggles with finding food at home but one day found a magic ring that he needs to return. During the series he shown with the sword called Sting.



Gandalf is a wizard who helps Bilbo to bring the magic ring with him to the countryside. This leads him to bring Bilbo along with a group of dwarves looking to a treasure.






Thorin is the head of the dwarves that Bilbo travels with. He is a warrior who is hoping to attain a massive treasure that is being protected by a dragon with the intention of attaining the money that his family needs.



The dragon Smaug pillaged a kingdom that was once run by Thorin’s grandfather. Smaug is the one that is protecting a large treasure.




The story of the Hobbit entails Gandalf getting Bilbo to host a party held by Thorin and many of the other dwarves in his party. They talk about taking back Lonely Mountain, a land that Thorin’s ancestors once held, and the massive treasure that is found there.

thehobbit screen 4However, the dragon Smaug is defending the treasure and will harm anyone who gets close to it. In addition, this is the same dragon that once destroyed the village.smaug destruction


Bilbo is brought alongside Thorin, Gandalf and the rest in this story. There is believed to be a secret entrance to get to the mountain and its treasure and Bilbo, not fully aware of what he is getting himself into, is led into being a key part of the expedition to get into the program.

land screenshot


The story then moves into many new lands such as the Misty Mountains where the goblins live. They also travel to the forest of Mirkwood while en route to the mountain. They also meet with Beorn, a friendly figure who houses everyone in the party for a time.


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