The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda is a series of video games that is created by Nintendo. The main protagonists in this video game series is Link and Princess Zelda.



Link Twilight

Link is the name that is given to the various Hylian youths who typically wear a pointed cap and a green tunic. The Link has pointed ears that resemble those of the antique Hylian race. The Link is easily identified by the Triforce sign that is located on the left hand. In this series, each of the Link is characterized as humble, gentle, hardworking, and very brave and are able to bear the Triforce of Courage. Each Link has a particular name such as the hero of the winds, the hero of time, the hero that is selected by the gods. Link does not speak but only produce sounds, grunts, or yells. He is also known for wielding the Master Sword.


Princess Zelda

This is the princess of Hyrule and is the one who guards the Triforce of Wisdom. The name princess of Zelda is legendary as other female descendants and ancestors shared it. She is able to use magical power in her fights.The Antagonists



He is the main villain in this video game series and is the final boss at the end of the games.


Dark Link

Is a recurring optional end game boss in the series franchise. Dark Link does not really have a known backstory and has all of the abilities Link has which will serve as a true test to players willing to fully complete the game.

The Legend of Zelda synopsis


A long time ago, the world was full of chaos, in the middle of this chaos, in a small kingdom in Hyrule; a legend that had mystical strengths was handed down from one generation to another. hyrule

One day, an evil militia attacked this kingdom and took the Triforce of Power. Zelda, the Princess of this kingdom was afraid of the army’s evil ruled and as a result, she split the Triforce of Power into eight pieces to save it from Ganon, the leader of the army.

triforceGanon was a very dominant prince of the evil who wanted to pull the world into an era of fear and darkness in his reign. Ganon was angry with Zelda for her actions, and he imprisoned her. Before she was imprisoned, Zelda sent her most reliable nursemaid by the name Impa to run away and search for a man who was strong enough to destroy Ganon. In the middle of the thick and confusing forests, she was exhausted and found herself surrounded Ganon soldiers. ganonBefore they did anything to her, Link appeared and was able to save her. Link, during his journeys had encountered with Impa and Ganon soldiers.twilight

Impa narrated the whole story to link as Princess Zelda directed her. Filled with a sense of righteousness, link decided to save Zelda. However, Ganon was a very strong opponent who held the Triforce of Power and Link had to assemble all the eight fragments of Triforce of wisdom to reconstruct the magical triangle.

zeldaThis is the only way that he could be able to fight Ganon and his people as it was very difficult to access the death mountain where Ganon and his followers stayed.


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