Also known as Soul Slayer or Soul-Cutter Sword these are the blades wielded by Shinigami, Arrancar and Visored of the anime show called Bleach. The swords design and shape are based off the soul of the wielder. Shinigami train vigorously to learn the name of their sword after they complete that they can continue to communicate and grow stronger as a team..efeat hollows.

General Abilities
All Zenpakuto can perform Konso or soul burial this ability sends lost warding souls to Soul Society or Hell. To perform this the pommel of their sword much tap the head of the soul sending them in either direction. There is also Hollow Purification, which is when the sword is used to defeat hollows.

These swords for the most part appear to be regular katana with very little differences.
Katana  Used by Japanese samurai. It is a long sword with a single edge.

 “Wakizashi”  Very similar to a katana but it is shorter
“Nodachi”  otherwise known as a “field sword” They were traditionally made in Japan and predate the katana they were also very large
“Tanto”  This is also another Japanese short sword or dagger weapon
Misc  The swords can also appear to look like various regular objects such as canes

Shikai (First Release/Initial Release)
Shikai is the first second stage of a Zanpakuto this stage is obtained by learning the name of the Zanpakuto and calling out to it. In this stage the appearance of the sword changes to reflect the soul of the user and more abilities and powers obtained. Swords may gain elemental abilities or more cutting power depending on the user. There is also a saying to activate this stage it for example:

Shingami = Renji       Zanpaktou Name = Zabimaru

Renji yells : “HOWL!! ZABIMARU!!”

Bankai (Second Release/Final Release)
This is the final stage of the sword this requires the materialization of the spirit of your sword you must subdue it to gain the abilities of this stage. This stage provides the user with immense power well beyond that of the initial release. Massive amounts of energy is needed to maintain this stage very few character’s have obtained this stage in the series

Famous Zanpakuto From the Series
Ichigo’s Zangetsu
Renji’s Zabimaru
Kisuke Urahara’s Benehime
Rukia’s Sode no Shirayuki
Zaraki Kenpachi’s Nozarashi


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